Inverness Ear Piercing – World’s Safest Ear Piercing


Inverness System 2000 product features

A. Safety

  • One disposable cartridge for one ear (no shared parts)
  • Eject button ensures non touch disposal
  • Effectively reducing the potential for transfer of microbes / viruses from client to client, and client to piercing personnel.

B. Sterility

  • ETO sterilization according to FDA standards
  • Patented design – full encapsulation of earring and post ensuring no human contamination during loading and piercing

C. Hypoallergenic – nickel free or nickel compliant

D. Comfort

  • hand held pressure instrument
  • low noise level
  • fine post and sharp point
  • patented safety clutches

E. Most fashionable and the largest assortment, 30 styles in different metal