About Us

To sustain our successful business since 1979, Ho Bee always remind ourselves of the Five Organization Values:

1) Providing excellent service and high caliber products to our customers
Knowing that our customers deserve the best, we are committed to provide only the best products to them, accommodated with excellent service.

2) Operate in a highly ethnical manner at all times
We will like to see familiar faces coming back to Ho Bee. Thus, we believe in doing business in a highly ethnical manner to our customers and society. We do our business honestly and their trust to us has always been our motivation.

3) Providing reasonably priced products to our customers
We believe in maintaining customers’ satisfaction in the long run. That is why we do our business ethically with all our products reasonably priced so as to cater to customers from all walks of life. Everyone deserves something from Ho Bee.

4) Ensure our employees are of well-trained so as to provide the best to our customers
In Ho Bee, all our employees are carefully selected and trained. We constantly upgrade ourselves, right from the front line staff to the management. Our common objective is to provide the best products and services to our valued customers.

5) Providing good working environment for all employees
We believe that success comes from the actions of our employees. Thus, we are concern about the well-being of our employees. Along with other many benefits, Ho Bee ensures that our employees have a good environment to work in. Happy employees are more enthusiastic to provide their best service to the company, not forgetting our customers